Title: Church in Victory

Discussion Guide:

1) The world attempts to define us through many means. “How much do you earn?” “What company are you working for?” “What school did you attend?” How can we ground our identity to be ‘in Christ’ (2 Cor 5:17) and securely live for Him?

2) Our relationship with God is the victory we have received from Jesus’ death on the cross. The almighty God knows us, and we know Him. Yet, as we navigate life, our eyes and ears may take reference from other sights and voices. What are the things that draw our attention? What can we do to cultivate our relationship with God, building intimacy with Him?

What do identity and intimacy have to do with a victorious church?
As we continue to live in victory from the Cross, discover from the life of Jesus how these two aspects were foundational to His ministry on earth.

Despite knowing God, Israel broke their covenant with Him and lived in their own ways. Yet God, in His mercy, sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty of their sin.

As we celebrate and pursue victory in Christ, examine and rediscover the person of Jesus and the role He plays in God’s redemption plan.

We need money for many things in life. Therefore, many of us think of ways to grow our money. But beyond the investments, passive income, and a handsome retirement fund, where does our trust lie?
Discover how we can view and handle money in a way that honours and displays a deeper dependence on the Giver and Provider of our lives.

Title: Anchored in God’s compassion
Text: Exodus 3:7-10
Series: God The Anchor Of Our Victory

Through the cross, God has given us victory. Find out how God’s compassion enables us to overcome the sins and struggles of our lives.

1) God Knows Our Struggles (v7)

God is keenly aware of our struggles and cares for us. However, we sometimes are reluctant to be honest with God and ourselves regarding our struggles. Why is that so? Discuss.

What are some areas in our lives that we are struggling with today? How does understanding that God knows our struggles affect the way we view and respond to them?

2) God Acts In Our Struggles (v8)

Not only does God deliver us from our struggles (“out of Egypt”), He brings us into a life of victory (“into the Promised Land”). As believers we take heart in the blessed hope in Christ’s second coming and the eternal life we have. In your current struggle, what does victory look like? How can we hang on to our blessed hope? What are some areas of our lives that need to be changed in order for victory to happen?

The nature of victory requires that there is a struggle to begin with. How does knowing that victory will come refine and shape the way we approach our struggles?

Often, the greatest struggle amidst our struggles is choosing to depend on God and not on ourselves. What leads us to depend on ourselves in the first place? In our struggles, what are some ways in which we have been depending on ourselves? What difference would choosing to depend on God make?

3) God Sends Deliverers For Our Struggles (v9-10)

God sent Moses and worked through him to deliver Israel. Similarly, God often uses people to help us in our struggles. Who are some of the existing and potential deliverers in your lives? How open are we to allowing these deliverers to help us in our struggles, and why? What are some steps we can take to involve them more?

As Christians, God can and will use us to be deliverers for the many people He has positioned around us. What hinders us from being God’s deliverers? In what ways can you be a deliverer for the people around you? How can you partner with your LG members to be deliverers to the people around you?

Light is brightest in the darkest night. As Christians, how can we respond differently to crises such that we are truly shining for Jesus, both in our mindsets and our behaviours?

‘God cares for us!’ ‘Depend on God!’

How can we know that God really cares and if He is that dependable? Is He willing and able to enable us to live victoriously over our sin and in our struggles? In this 3-part series, explore the attributes of God that reflect how He is truly the anchor of our victory.

With recent reports surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, it is natural to feel concerned or even fear for the health of our loved ones. In this season, be encouraged and strengthened with a timely word on how we can respond.

Why do we still get tired and restless despite taking breaks? Is rest just about not doing any work? Discover how we can begin the new year with true rest in God.

As 2019 closes, we may realise that some events have panned out differently from what we had in mind at first. Amidst the mismatch between expectations and reality, discover how we can still welcome the new year with hope.

Beyond the lights, gifts, and food, Christmas is about the most remarkable moment in the history of mankind – God entering our world in the form of a helpless, crying infant.
The birth of Jesus was surrounded by suspense, interruptions, and amazement. When Jesus came into this world, lives around Him were transformed dramatically. This December, come and discover Christmas anew with us.