The birth of Jesus brought hope to the Israelites that their God heard their cries and fulfilled His promise to them.
God is still faithful to us in the challenging times we live in today.
This Christmas, discover and celebrate the promises God has given us through Christ!

Series: Ways of a Disciple
Title: Beyond Settling for the Acceptable – Pursue Faithfulness
Text: Matthew 5:31-32

What is God’s view concerning how we should treat our covenants, such as the covenant of marriage, and how can Christ-followers pursue faithfulness in their committed relationships?

General Questions:

  1. Do you think it is possible for Christ followers to pursue faithfulness in accordance to God’s standards for marriage? What do you think are the reasons that there are divorces even among Christians?

Perspective Questions:

  1. If our purpose of marriage is just to seek happiness, we will be disappointed and have many reasons to leave when our marriages go through rough patches. What do you think are the godly values and perspectives that we should have towards marriage instead? 

  2. Marriage is one example of a covenant relationship. We also have covenants with God, our church family and our friends. If faithfulness is the foundation of our covenants, what do you think it takes to be faithful?

Application Questions:

  1. How can we pursue faithfulness in our covenants? What are some small steps we can take to be loyal to those we are covenanted to?

Series: Best Foot Forward

Title: How To Grow
Text: 2 Tim. 3:16-17
The key to spiritual growth is not attending sophisticated programmes or listening to the most arresting sermons (as important as good programmes and sermons are). Rather, the key is to submit to the authority of Scripture. How can we put our best foot forward to be mastered by God’s word?

General Questions:
1) Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17. From these verses, what do you think are important functions and purposes of Scripture?

Perspective Questions:

1) What does God’s word mean to you today? What motivates you to know more about the word of God? How is responding to God’s word helping you to develop a lifestyle of surrender to the God of the word?

2) Recap the knowing-being-doing illustration. How has what we know from God’s word made a difference to our character, attitudes and values? What would our closest family members and friends say about our doing e.g. would they see Christ in our words and actions when we relate with people or in how we spend our time and money?

Application Questions:

1) Take some time to look at the ABCD GROW pathway. Which step do you see yourself? Where do you think you can grow next? If you were to attend a class, what can you do to intentionally allow your knowing to change your being and doing?

2) As an LG, how do you think you can make the most of the ABCD GROW framework? Discuss some possible steps the LG can take.

3) If you wish to be mentored, talk to your life group leader about it. What area do you hope your mentor could guide you or keep you accountable in? If you have not met your mentor for some time, what could you do to re-start your mentoring relationship?
From the beginning of time, God knew the generation that would be alive at this hour. It could have been anyone, but God chose you.
You have a destiny, your life has a purpose.
Hear Evangelist Daniel Kolenda share his insights on the coming of the “night” (this unusual time) and what Jesus has in store for us.
Title: Shine With Joy As His Children
Series: We His People
Text: Phil 2:14-18
God works in us, this we believe – how does this understanding change our attitude towards how we ought to live in the world and how we respond to challenges? Learn what it means to shine for Christ with joy!
Discussion Questions:
1) We live differently from our world (v14 – v16a)
What is the difference between grumbling and being honest about our struggles? What does it reflect about a Christian who does not grumble or complain, even in difficult situations? How is such a Christian different from people of the world? In this pandemic, many of believers are also facing trying situations. What is one thing during this period that believers tend to grumble about?
2) We rejoice in the midst of challenges (v16b – v18)
Why is it that Christians can be joyful amidst difficult times? As a community of God, seeing fellow believers persevering in their faith is something we work towards and celebrate. In recent times, have we experienced such joy in our community? How can we as a people of God encourage each other to persevere in the faith during trying times? How would persevering in our faith be our testimony to the world?
Title: Unite In His Love

Series: We His People
Text: Philippians 2:1-4
1) Why do you think unity is important within the body of Christ? What do you think are the reasons and causes of disunity? What is the basis that Paul is appealing to believers to be united?
2 ) What do you think are the common goal, common purpose and common mission that believers have? How would the church and your LG look like if people are like-minded? What change could you and your LG make to work towards like-mindedness?
3) Unity in the body of Christ is possible when people choose to put others before themselves. What do you think it means to “value others above yourselves”? Why do you think some may struggle to put others’ interests before their own? How can you live out this principle in your life? What are ways that we can prioritise the interests of others?

4) How do you think believers should deal with disagreements? What does being humble and giving up our rights look like in such situations? What would motivate us to respond rightly in conflicts?

Hide and Seek

Discussion Questions:

1) Some of us ‘hide’ from God. We may want to go our own way apart from God or feel ashamed of our sins. Yet, God seeks us out through the person of Jesus. The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.

Where are you today? How is your relationship with God? Wherever we are, God seeks us out. Share with your community how you are relating with God and where God may be leading you. They are one of the means by which God seeks you out.

2) We can hide in the Lord and seek Him. He is our refuge and our strength. He is also our treasure, that we can delight in. (Matthew 13:44) On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your own delight in Christ?

What is behind your answer? How can we nurture our delight in Christ who is worthy and not let the routines or ‘duties’ of being a believer become a chore for us?

It’s easy to hide from God when we are ashamed with our sin or want things our way. Yet God doesn’t play hide-and-seek with us – He seeks us out even when we hide from Him.

Even in the midst of our struggles and distractions, how can we seek God and hide in Him?


Text: Psalm 42
Series: Take Back Your Mind

Did you know that one in seven people in Singapore have experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime? Mental distress is such a prevalent yet unspoken topic in society. Today, guest speaker Pastor Chua Seng Lee share with us how we take back our minds in this age of anxiety and receive peace!