Adulting is a long journey where every life station comes with its own complexities. Learn how you can live in God’s wisdom and purposes in your current season.

What do charts and graphs have to do with seasons?

This Sunday morning, Pastor Daniel Wee from Church Of Our Saviour shared some statistics about the Singapore church, and what it tells us about the season that the church is in. The time is now to preach the gospel in Singapore and reach the unreached. It may seem like a daunting task, but we remember the heart of our God for His people.

And we go forth, together ❤️‍🔥

Just as how Jesus sent His disciples to preach the Gospel, He is sending us out to our schools and neighbourhoods. Learn how we can make a lasting impact in the community God has placed us in!

God is a global God who loves and redeems globally. Discover how can we can be a church that is readily activated to go and reach the world for Christ.

In a post-truth world, we are often told that feelings are more important than facts, and harmony is more important than truth. How does this mindset influence our search for happiness? Do we have to choose between truth and harmony? And why does it matter?

Last year, we discussed the existence of God and the resurrection of Christ. This year, join us as we explore more fundamental questions of the Christian faith – Is Jesus the only way to God?