Series: Paradox
Title: Descending Into Greatness
Text: Matthew 20:25-28

There is nothing wrong in wanting to be great, but our perception of greatness may need to be corrected. What does Jesus say about greatness? What does it mean to descend into greatness?

General Questions:

  1. Who is one person you consider great? Why do you think he or she is great?

  2. What kind of ambition does people of the world, perhaps even Christians, pursue? How does this kind of ambition compare with the greatness that Jesus talks about?

Perspective Questions:

  1. What could be some reasons behind pursuing the kind of greatness that is recognised by the world? How would these reasons measure up against the standard set by the Bible? Can there be a valid reason for wanting to be great in the eyes of the world?

  2. Greatness as defined by the Bible is found in a heart of servanthood, rather than outward achievements. As such, they can often go unnoticed by others. When the going gets tough, what can motivate us to continually give up our rights and to seek the good of others?

  3. Some may deny that they want to be great (in the way Jesus defines it). Why do you think they think this way? Would you agree with them and why?

  4. How does the promise of eternal rewards spur us to keep taking up our cross to follow Jesus?

Application Questions:

  1. In the current season of your life, how can you descend into greatness? What are some ways that you can serve those around you?