This year, discover how every kid can rise up to their identity as God’s children:
who know Jesus, love Jesus, and serve Jesus with all their heart!

8 Jan

During Christmas, we often hear the themes of hope, love, joy and gifts.
But did you know that Jesus is the Gift of Christmas?
Discover who Jesus is and how He is a gift from God to us!

11 Dec

4 Dec

Faith isn’t about not having doubts, but choosing to believe God everyday!
Let’s follow Abraham as he journeyed with God and became God’s chosen one
to be the Father of many nations!

6 Nov

Did you know – God’s greatest masterpiece isn’t the mountains, oceans, or sunset. It’s you and me! 
Discover what God had in mind when He created us and what that means for us today!

23 Oct

16 Oct


Through this period of uncertainty, we are praying for you and your family, and we are here to support you in leading your child to learn more about God and cultivate godly character! Each week, you can access the HopeKids Online experience which includes a fun and interactive video, printable colouring and activity pages and a conversation guide to help the children process what they are learning.

Here’s how a Stay Home Sunday could look like:

Before Service

Look through the HopeKids Service Experience!
Prepare and print out the Kids Activities in the pack.
Prepare writing materials such as pencils, pens
and colour pencils.

During Adult Service

Invite your child to join in the time of praise
and worship together! After the time of worship,
your child can start on the kids activities as
you listen to the sermon.

On Demand HopeKids Services
HopeKids Online Services are available on demand here!

After Kids Online

After service, ask your child what he / she has learnt about God today or even share what you have personally learnt.
Take some time to pray together.

We really want to encourage families to leverage this time to be together and focus on things of eternal significance. Daddy and Mummy are the best role models! When kids see how you seek, worship and learn about God on a daily basis, it inspires them to want to believe in God and do their best for God too!

We look forward to hearing stories of this precious time and memories made together with God and each other as the whole family draws closer to God together.

HopeKids Team

Simple guide on family devotion:

1) Keep it simple and short (especially for those with young children)

2) Start with Praise/worship  (use children P&W songs)

3) Read and share a passage from the Bible (can follow Hopekids passage)

4) Pray together

Keep it flexible, be prepared to change schedule due to unforeseen circumstances; it may look different for different families

Resources that parents can use:
Our own Hopekids Resource
The Treasure Box
Biblical Parenting
Marriage Resource for Married Couples
Gospel Project

About Us

HopeKids is the kids church of Hope Singapore. We are passionate about seeing every child touched by God’s amazing love and leading them to impact others with the same love. We consider it our honour to partner with parents to foster good biblical values and develop each child’s character!

Each weekend, your child will have an awesome time of sing-and-dance-along, drama, crafts and learning from the Bible. This season we have a weekly video, coupled with family conversation starters and stay home activities for your child!