Dear leaders, 
Thank you for diligently facilitating sermon discussions to help your members grow in the Word. We are starting a new format for our discussion guide that aims to ask more targeted questions to facilitate sharing. The questions are categorised according to the following:
General questions
Purposes of the question(s) is to recap the sermon, to open up perspectives of the topic, to give ownership to the LG to talk about their thoughts on said truths. It also gives the discussion leader a sense of where the LG members are in their experiences, their understanding of the sermon/truths, and to gather immediate responses and feelings from the message. 
Perspective questions
Purposes of the question(s) will be to stir a sense of discontentment, to encourage a sense of honesty and courage to examine one’s state of life, thought life, worldviews, values or practices against God’s Word.
Application questions
Purposes of the question(s) will be to encourage LG members to reflect upon the Word and express the renewal of our minds in practical ways. These practical steps can point us towards spiritual growth both in the inner life and in the outward way we live. 
Each question comes with a “note to leaders”. The note explains the intent of each question that aims to help the leader or facilitator better steer the discussion.
May the new format lead to more meaningful and insightful LG discussions!
For enquiries or feedback, please contact [email protected]

21 Jul

For reference to a guide on Family Devotions, find it on the Grow Portal here:

Series: Love My Block
Title: Shine His Light
Text: Matthew 5:14-16

We are called to be the salt and light of the Earth. How do we shine God’s light wherever we are placed?

General Questions:

  1. Share about a time when you were a pre-believer or a new-believer and you were attracted to the Christian faith because of the behaviour of another believer.


  1. To be reminded of how salvation can come about through witnessing the effects of the Gospel in the lives of believers.

Perspective Questions:

  1. What are some distinct qualities and traits that Christians ought to have that non-believers, who may be brought up well or from other faiths, do not?

  2. How does the Gospel enable believers to live out qualities and traits that non-believers may not be able to display?


  1. To understand how Christian behaviour and inner life can be different and distinctive in the world, even among non-believers who may have good moral upbringings or practice other religions.

    Possible answers:
    – Choosing to return evil with good
    – Giving our best even when we have nothing to gain
    – Caring for people who may not reciprocate
    – Not taking moral shortcuts when you can get away with it
    – Forgiving others

  2.  To explore how believing in the Gospel and the power that comes from the Holy Spirit can transform us beyond what any worldly belief or moral upbringing can.

Application Questions:

  1. How can believers ensure that we are continually growing in character and being renewed and transformed in our minds?

  2. What are some ways we can shine God’s light in our schools and workplaces? How can we do the same as a lifegroup through block pastoring?


  1. To explore how believers can continually remain rooted in Christ, which in turn leads to character transformation and growth.

  2. To explore ways we can be a testimony of God’s goodness in our various spheres of influence.

There is no discussion guide for this week. 

13 & 14 Jul

For reference to a guide on Family Devotions, find it on the Grow Portal here:

There is no discussion guide for this week. 

6 & 7 Jul

For reference to a guide on Family Devotions, find it on the Grow Portal here:

There is no discussion guide for this week. 

28 & 29 Jun

For reference to a guide on Family Devotions, find it on the Grow Portal here:

Series: Unchanging
Title: Connection with the Holy Spirit
Text: Ephesian 5:18-20, Luke 11:5-8, 11-13

Speaking in tongues should not be sought for its own sake. At the heart of it, it is about desiring the gift of the Person of the Spirit and desiring to connect with God through the Spirit.

“Note to leaders” is not meant to be read out to the LG, but for the discussion leader to understand the thrust of the question.

General Questions:

  1. How is your hunger and desire for the Holy Spirit in your life? What was your response to the Church Health Survey on how regularly do you pray in tongues? Has the desire for the Holy Spirit grown since your received Christ, or have you become more passive in seeking to rely on and be filled with the Holy Spirit?

  2. What is your understanding of the role of Holy Spirit in your life? What are your personal encounters with the Holy Spirit as a partner from God, who guides, teaches and empowers us? Share a personal experience or example of how the Holy Spirit has helped you.

  1. Get LG members to reflect on their relationship with the Holy Spirit and evaluate if they are desiring and seeking empowerment from the Holy Spirit.

  2. LG members may be at different levels of understanding in terms of the role of the Holy Spirit in our Christian life. This question seeks to get them to share their understanding, and their personal encounters with the Holy Spirit.
Perspective Questions:
  1. Have you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Describe your experience and how has that experience changed your spiritual life. Did you continue to seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit after that experience?

  2. If you have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, what are the reasons? Have you personally asked God? Paster mentioned that desire and faith are necessary to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Are these or other reasons hindering you?
  3. Do you consider yourself as someone who value spiritual things, and are you conscious of the spiritual realm? Why do you think so?
  1. Get LG members to identify hindrances that may prevent them from coming close to the Holy Spirit.

  2. Identify root causes that might prevent some LG members from seeking and drawing close to the Holy Spirit.
Application Questions:
  1. Do you go through life conscious of the Holy Spirit? What are the changes that you can make in your life to listen and be familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit? What is the next step for you?

  2. Think about various aspects of your life – your personal being, family and ministries. Are there areas in your life that you require the Holy Spirit to intercede on your behalf? Pray together with your mentor or with your LG for breakthrough in those areas.

  1. Encourage LG members to apply what they learned and start building a spirit-filled life and community.

There is no discussion guide for this week. 

How to lead our Life Groups in DOC?

We have put together to provide some recommendations and resources on how we can run online Life Groups and guide people through their faith journey.

COVID-19 Phase 2 Heightened Measure

This memo is updated on 14 May 2021. 

Dear Church,

There are now more than 161 million people worldwide who are infected with COVID-19, out of which 3.3 million have lost their lives. The escalation of cases in Singapore reminds us we are still in the midst of dark and challenging times in human history.

But we have God with us and we are called to bring His light wherever we go. The darker the night, the brighter the light.

The government has today announced new heightened measures in the coming month in a bid to bring the infection in Singapore under control. Out of love for our attendees and our nation, Hope Singapore will be moving all our gatherings online from 15 May till 13 June 2021. These includes life groups, services, and all other religious gatherings and classes.

We understand that the government guidelines allows for 2 visitors or 2 people to gather physically, but as a church, we would encourage all gatherings to be conducted online. This is so that we can do our part to help reduce cases of local transmission at this critical moment.

Hope Conference is slated to happen on the 29 & 30 of May and I know many were looking forward to gather in their life groups for a great time of fellowship and learning. The pastors and team heads will be meeting to discuss plans regarding Hope Conference and more details will be released next week.

Changes will keep coming, and pivoting is truly our new norm. But we must remember that through all these disruptions, our growth is not just that we become better at adapting. It is also that we learn to depend more and more on our unchanging God.

Let’s continue to meet online, be intentional to connect, and be disciplined to pursue God. We thank you leaders for leading the life groups, and also ask for everyone in the church to support your leader. Hope is truly better together, and with God, let us be the church and continue to traffick hope!

Senior Pastor Jeff Chong
14 May 2021










New Normal, Same God!

This memo is updated on 27 December 2020.

Dear Church

Phase 3 is here, and indeed we are now entering a new norm as a nation.

It has been more than 1 month since we resumed our in-person worship services. I have spent the last few weeks with different centres and congregations, yet what I received is the same – hope is indeed better together!

No matter what we identify as in this world – sons & daughters, employees, spouses, leaders, or even parents, we are first spiritual people. Perhaps going to church has almost been a routine in the past, but now going to church is a more deliberate choice. The people around us, our families and loved ones – they look to our decision and take cue from us on when we choose to go to church. Our actions communicate what we value. Staying close to God and plugged in to community shows the value we place on our personal spiritual walk. When we make the intentional effort to cherish every opportunity to gather in person, we are also proclaiming that we are part of a greater body.

I am thankful that with Phase 3 and the increased capacity allowed by government guidelines, we are now able to plan for more to return to in-person worship services. Nothing beats being in the house of God together!

Starting 16 and 17 January 2021, we will be entering a new normal for Hope. Here are the new service timings and venues.

Axis Centre
Ablaze – Saturday 2pm at Axis Auditorium

Tertiary – Saturday 5pm at Axis Auditorium

Adults – Sunday 930am* and 1115am* at Axis Auditorium

Kids – Sunday 930am* at Connect Halls (4 – 12 years old)

Filipino – Sunday 3pm* and 6pm* at Axis Auditorium

Filipino Kids – To resume in April 2021

North East Centre

Mandarin – Saturday 430pm at Spectrum Hall

Adults – Sunday 930am* and 1115am* at Spectrum Hall

Kids – Sunday 930am* at Ignite Room and Kindle Room (4 – 12 years old)

Filipino Ignite – Sunday 3pm (alternate weeks)

West Centre

Adults – Sunday 930am* at Chevrons Main Hall

Kids – Sunday 930am* at Carnation Room (4 – 12 years old)

We have planned for an additional timing for adults service in Axis and North East Centre as well as for the progressive return of in-person kids services. Parents, I know that in 2020, many of you worked from home, while juggling HBL for your children and leading them through the kids services and zoom lifegroups. I want you to know that none of that is wasted, the routine you have built helps the children to see what a family does together to worship God! What matters most for a child is not the well-being or grades, but the recognition of the need for the gospel.

The task force has put in measures to ensure the safety of our attendees and especially our children. More details on the detailed measures as well as the registration and check-in process can be found in the FAQ below.

We know that as we return, it will not be as it used to be, or as ideal as we wish it to be. But in this unique and challenging season, let’s continue to do everything we can to live and lead well. Let’s embrace the new norm, and hold onto the same God.

I look forward to seeing more of you soon!

Senior Pastor Jeffrey Chong


Senior Pastor Jeff Chong
27 December 2020

Our facilities are coated with durable NanoEl anti-microbrial disinfection coating that eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria when it comes into contact. All items and contact surfaces will also be wiped with disinfecting solutions before and after services.

All adults and children will be checked for flu-like symptoms before entry. You will also be required to wear a mask at all times on site.


Every zone will be capped at 50 persons including adults and children.

For kids services, every group will consist of 7 kids and 1 huddle leader and will be distanced 1 m apart. Sharing of toys and stationery will be limited to their small group. In the 75 minute programme, we will be having activities that follow government guidelines as well as video teaching.


The tickets are made available on Sunday after service. All Adults and children will need tickets. Please register for the tickets according to the age range of your children. There are 2 ticket types for children: Hopekids (4-6 yr old) and Hopekids (7-12 yr old). For children 0 to 37 months, please register for an Adult Ticket.

The toddlers service will be resuming at a later date. For now, parents can bring them to the Kids Ark and Parents Lounge, or bring them into the main hall.

All the detailed instructions will be in the email sent to you after you register for your ticket. Please read the registration confirmation carefully on where and what time to check-in.

As the Singapore government advises, singing or speaking loudly are considered activities with higher risks of COVID-19 transmission. As such, we advise against having these activities at this point when we gather in person.






不管我们在这世上担任什么角色 – 父母,儿女,雇主,员工,夫妻,领袖,我们主要都还是神的儿女。或许一直以来,到教会去参加主日崇拜已成一种习惯,但现在的我们却要报名,要索票,要主动地选择来教会。我们身边的家人,朋友,孩子其实看着我们的选择,什么情况下我们会选择不去教会。我们的行为反映我们所关注看重的。我们要牢牢地抓住神,不放弃每一次的聚会,坚持联系侍奉,用行动宣扬我们对主耶稣的感恩!



青年堂星期六, 2pm, Axis礼堂

高等教育堂星期六, 5pm, Axis礼堂

成人堂星期日, 930am & 1115am, Axis礼堂

孩童组星期日, 930am, Connect 礼堂 (412)

菲律宾堂星期日, 3pm & 6pm, Axis礼堂

菲律宾孩童组 – 20214月开始


中文堂星期六, 430pm, Spectrum礼堂

成人堂星期日, 930am & 1115am, Spectrum礼堂

孩童组星期日, 930am, Ignite & Kindle Room (412)

菲律宾青年堂 – 星期日, 3pm,每两星期一次


成人堂星期日, 930am, Chevrons大礼堂

孩童组星期日, 930am, Carnation Room (412)








  1. 使用Safe Entry登陆和登出
  2. 全程必须带着口罩
  3. 接受体温测量


Phase 2 is now here

This memo is updated on 17 June 2020.

Dear Church,

Phase 2 is almost here. Some of you have been awaiting this for a long time for various reasons. Your business may now be opened, or you may now finally be able to meet up with your family and friends. I thank each and every one of you for adhering to the government’s guidelines over all this challenging time. I pray that as we move into this new phase, we will continue to be socially responsible and continue to keep our focus on God’s vision and mission for our church.

The church has never closed

Though we discuss the reopening of the nation, know that the church has never been closed. In these 3 months, we have seen people come to receive Jesus as their Saviour, we have people being baptised in the Spirit over Zoom, we have worshipped in our own homes. We have grieved and rejoiced with our spiritual families in their times of sorrow and joy. No matter which phase we are in, we believe each will offer unique opportunities to show and share the love of Jesus.

Phase 2 – Let us be motivated on how we can share the gospel of Christ better!

Phase 2 means that we are now able to meet face to face in certain environments. And in this (and every) period, our vision and mission remain the same: Love Neighbours, Make Disciples, Plant Churches. In this unique time, more people are open to the gospel. We should go forth and spread the love of Christ more creatively instead of shrinking back. Whether we choose to meet physically or online, let our motivation be how can we serve and reach people as Christ would.

I know many of us long to meet. Let us gently remind each other to practise good personal hygiene and to be socially responsible. Let’s also love one another by being understanding and sensitive to others. If there are members in your group who choose to not meet in person, look for ways to include them when you do gather, such as through video conferencing. If you plan on visiting someone’s home, be considerate of your host’s home and family members.

A new normal – God is still and will always be with us!

As society cautiously enters a new normal, let us take heart and remember that God is with us. Though we navigate through uncertainties, we can boldly hold onto God, ‘our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.’ (Psalms 46:1) Let us place our faith in Jesus, who has promised us that He will surely be with us, to the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20)!

Senior Pastor Jeff Chong
17 June 2020

In Phase Two, we will allow bookings of up to 5 persons per room/space at THE AXIS @ Textile Centre and HOPE @ New Tech Park. 

Safe Management Measures are put in-place and are to be observed at all times for the safety of everyone during gathering. 

It is mandatory for all to:

  1. Check-in and Check-out via Safe Entry,
  2. Submit Temperature, Health & Travel Declarations, and
  3. Wear face masks at all times.
  4. Keep 1-meter safe distance between person or seats
  5. No mingling across groups before, during or after each meeting. Leave venue immediately after meeting.
  6. No singing and live performances during meeting.


THE AXIS @ Textile Centre

  • Mondays – Fridays, 9 am – 6pm: After 6pm: venue will be available for booking only when there is a scheduled service recording.
  • Saturdays & Sundays: Venue will be available for booking only when there is a scheduled service recording.

HOPE @ New Tech Park

  • Venue will be available for booking only when there is a scheduled service recording.


Login to Booking Portal via e2hope member account, 

  1. If required time slot is available, submit booking directly on booking portal
  2. If required time slot is blocked or closed, email [email protected], and include immediate staff-supervisor/leader in email.

Should you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

Not at this moment. One important aspect of our service is expressing our gratitude to God through worship. Singing is currently not allowed as it is considered an activity with high risk of transmission. With that consideration, we will still be meeting online for service.

Much as we would love to meet face to face, strict measures have to be in place to ensure the safety of these gatherings and to keep the risk of the community spread low.

To ensure the safety of our people and make our gatherings conducive, all meetings and classes will be held online till further notice.

This means that small groups of 5 people and below can meet physically for fellowship, life group or mentoring if they adhere to safe distancing and personal hygiene practices such as wearing a mask, staying home if they are not well, and washing hands.

The government advises all to be:

• Be socially responsible
• Practise good personal hygiene
• Ensure safe distancing and adhere to safe management principles
• Use SafeEntry when required, and check in and out using the TraceTogether app
• Keep number of contacts small and limited to your regular circle of close contacts, to protect yourself and your families
• Seniors, who are especially vulnerable, should continue to exercise extra caution and stay at home as much as possible

Let us be good testimonies for Christ and love people by considering the vulnerable among us.

As the Singapore government advises, singing or speaking loudly are considered activities with higher risks of COVID-19 transmission. As such, we advise against having these activities at this point when we gather in person.

Yes, you can consider going in small groups of 5 or less. As you meet up physically with your neighbours and school mates, do be sensitive to others’ comfort level as you interact.

The principle to this is to keep number of contacts small and limited to protect yourself and your families as the nation slowly reopens. For now, we would advise that you try to stick to a same small group when meeting physically.

In accordance to the government regulations, gatherings involving more than 5 people are not allowed, even if they are split across multiple tables. We advise for all to keep gathering size small.











社会将逐渐进入与冠病共存的世界,这个改变或许会持续很久,也会成为我们的新平常。让我们记住,神是与我们同在的。尽管经历再多的不确定,我们都能坚定地说“神是我们的避难所,是我们的力量,是我们在患难中随时都可得到的帮助。” 让我们信靠主耶稣和祂的应许,祂必常常与我们同在,直到这世代的终结!


在第二阶段,教会在布业中心和New Tech Park 的会所将开放给各空间5人或以下的聚会使用。



  1. 使用Safe Entry登陆和登出
  2. 提交体温及申报旅游健康近况
  3. 全程必须带着口罩
  4. 人与人之间必须保持一米距离
  5. 不同的小组在活动前后都不可有任何接触,会议后必须马上离开会所。
  6. 会议时不可唱歌或有任何表演。










  1. 如果时段开放预定,您能直接提交您的申请。
  2. 如果您想要预定的时段并没有开放预定,请告知您的领袖并一起电邮至[email protected]

若有任何疑问,请电邮至 [email protected]





• 负起社会责任:
• 保持良好的卫生习惯
• 保持安全距离
• 使用SafeEntry系统登记入场和离场
• 下载 “合力追踪” (TraceTogether) 手机应用程序
• 在尽可能的范围内缩小个人的交流圈,以便保护自己和家庭成员
• 年长人士,尤其是有潜在身体状况的人士,应当继续谨慎生活,尽可能减少和他人接触






COVID-19: Moving online from 28 March to end of June

Dear Church,

We have been hugely blessed to hear so many positive testimonies when our church went fully online for Services and Life Groups for last weekend.  There were stories of people joining us to fellowship online and even people receiving Jesus into their lives for the very first time! This speaks volumes of the truth that church cannot be closed because it is not a building. We are the church and even in such times, we do not stop being the church! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an intensely challenging period for the world. As a pastors’ team, we are praying that God will be the strength of your heart as you go through this season (Psalms 73:26). We are also praying for the hope we have in Christ be displayed through all believers. We invite you to join us in daily prayers for the next two weeks.

In this difficult times, we take heart in Scripture in Romans 8:28 – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” As we recognise our helplessness, let’s take heart in the sovereignty of God and consider what good God can work in us and through us in this season. For a start, we can be intentional to reach out to others through text or social media, to ask how they are doing and to offer up prayers. Let’s shine brightly for Him during these dark times.

The number of cases locally has been rising. Government has advised Singaporeans on tighter safe distancing measures, which work best when more people do it together. With the desire to love our neighbours and indeed be better together, Hope Singapore will be moving all our gatherings online till the end of June 2020. We strongly encourage all seniors to stay home, and stay connected through phone or text. Our Hope Conference will also be postponed to 2021, and refunds will be given to those who have already registered. This is so that we can all play our social responsibility to help reduce cases of local transmission in Singapore.

As we take this extended step, we will certainly miss the opportunity to gather physically. At the same time, we thank God for technology that allows us to have our gatherings online. This is an opportunity to consider alternative forms of expressing our faith to the watching world, to preach the good news through new mediums to new people groups. As we look forward to meet in person again, let us also not miss what God is wanting us to learn in this season. 

Leaders, as a pastor’s team, we want to thank you for leading God’s people in this uncertain period. The team has come up with suggestions and resources on how we can continue to do DOC in this season, and the guide includes games, tools, discipleship resources and outreach ideas. We are excited to grow as believers and make disciples in this new way.

Throughout church history, the body of Christ has not only survived but thrived and flourished through troubled times. In the same way, let us be a generation of believers who will take the Christian faith deeper into our hearts and further into the community. Christ is leading us, and the church would not cease because we are the church. Let us BE the church and spread the message of hope!

Pastors’ Team
27 March 2020





在艰难之时,让我们谨记罗马书8章28节的经文 – “我们知道,为了爱神的人,就是按他旨意蒙召的人的益处,万事都一同效力。” 我们面对自身的软弱时,越是要牢记神依然掌权,专注于神在我们的生命并通过我们所能成就的善工。比如,我们可以更刻意的发简讯或通过社交媒体去向未信的亲友传扬福音,关心他们的生活,并提议为他们的需要祷告。让我们在这黑暗的时期为主去发出光芒!

随着本地的确诊病例不断升高,政府提出了让新加坡人更严格去保持安全距离的措施。这需要每一个人的通力合作才能奏效。基于爱邻舍的心,和全国人共同的努力,新加坡希望教会将会把我们的所有聚会转为线上,一直到2020年的6月份。我们强烈鼓励所有的年长者待在家中,并通过手机和短讯保持联系。我们今年的希望大会也将延后到 2021 年,那些已经报名的人将获得全额的退款。这一切都是为了减少新加坡本地疫情的传播,以尽到教会的社会责任。




Dear Leaders,

This season has created new challenges for people from all walks of life. By this time, even beyond the medical aspect, we would have felt an impact on our social and economic life. Travel plans have been cancelled. Some might face the prospect of being out of job. We may even wonder if there’s enough food and necessities for tomorrow. We are concerned about our family members – particularly aging parents and children. Such anxieties and vulnerabilities may be growing in some of us.

Yet it is also in this season that we have a chance to reflect on the things that truly matter in our lives. It is in such times that the message of the Gospel, of salvation in Christ, becomes such a powerful assurance for us. It is in this period that we can approach God and find Him as our shepherd who is with us.

As your pastors, we love you deeply and are in prayer for you and for the COVID-19 situation all around the world. It is our prayer that even as all of us wisely make practical changes to our lives, we would find our greatest strength and security in the sovereign God we worship.

On 19 March, Pastor Claudia and Pastor Timothy were at an engagement session with other church leaders and Ministers Lawrence Wong & Grace Fu from Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) to discuss the latest advisory on safe distancing measures for churches. Of the various pointers, some key highlights include:

  • Imported cases are on the rise and we want to minimise secondary transmission to the local population
  • Safe distancing is a measure to help break the transmission of virus, together with border controls and contact tracing
  • Safe distancing measures are aimed at slowing down the number of cases and reducing the stress on Singapore’s healthcare system. This accords the healthcare system time to combat the virus and manage the spread of COVID-19.
  • Good precautions support Singapore to continue functioning as a society. Conversely, if risks are taken, there is a higher likelihood of spread and suspension.

Safe distancing guidelines looks at 3 factors – Density, Intensity & Duration:

  • Density: Physical distance between individuals to be at least 1m apart through checkered seating arrangements
  • Intensity: Activities that calls for a more heightened degree of expression should be minimised, e.g. holding and shaking of hands
  • Duration: Gatherings times should be shortened to reduce prolonged mingling
  • Suspension of all seniors-centric activities

The Pastors’ Team has carefully considered the current COVID-19 environment and the advisory issued. With a desire to love our neighbours and to participate in social responsibility as guided by the authorities, we will change the way we gather as the body of Christ. Starting 21 March, this weekend, Hope Singapore will be moving our services and Life Groups online for 2 weeks, till the end of March. Services will continue to be streamed online at the regular service timings, and Life Groups would be gathering through online platforms. We lovingly encourage the seniors in our midst to take safe distancing seriously and avoid gathering physically to minimise risks. Leaders who serve seniors in your group can keep connected with them through calls, text or short visits observing 1m distance.

This is a change from the previous communication on 18 March in response to the updated Government advisories. We will be taking the two weeks to review how meeting together will look like for Hope Singapore moving forward.

We thank God for technology that allows us this means to continue to have our church gatherings online. This has been a difficult decision to make, as meeting in physical gatherings is preferred for fellowship and worship as a church. But in this season, we consider these alternative means of gathering to be loving to our neighbours and nation.

Even as we take this step, we will always be the body of Christ. Let us remain committed to be connected through the online platforms to love one another and spur each other in our faith. We look forward to celebrating together when we get to gather again corporately. Till then, let us cast our eyes upon Christ, praying for His will to be done and spurring each other towards love and good deeds.


Pastors’ Team


Services will be streamed live through church online at all usual service timings. You are encouraged to gather your group online to tune in together. A set of discussion questions will be made available, and your group can go through the discussion questions together right after the online service.

Be creative on how you can fellowship online! We have a list of tools you can use to maximise the contact online. You can eat together online, pray together, start a Bible devotion plan together and continue to encourage each other. It might take a bit of getting used to, but let us be intentional to connect. Hope is better together, even online!

In what we have shared above, we believe it is wise and loving to limit in person gatherings during this time.

Should you be meeting up individually or in smaller groups, we recommend you adhere to safe distancing guidelines as proposed by the government. This is how we can do our part to be loving to others. 

All Equip classes and other LG team meetings this weekend will be moved online.

One of the ways we can show God’s love is by participating in government endorsed measures, including safe distancing. That’s why we’re not gathering together in person – because this is one of the best ways we can love others right now. Yet this does not mean isolation! We recommend that you go out of your way to cultivate personal contact with your neighbours and whomever God has placed in your way. Make phone calls, text, notice and meet a need while being aware of the safe distancing measures.

You can download the Easter invite and 


  1. Download the Bible app.
  2. Click on the Plans icon, pick a plan and press start.
  3. Click on “With Friends” and send the link to your Life Group chat, and invite people to join in!
  4. All who joined in will be able to see each other’s progress as well as comments
  5. Some recommended plans include

    Bible in a Year – runs daily 

    Easter Devotionals – runs daily

     A Journey from Worry to Confident Hope by NT Wright on YouVersion – 7 Days

    Finding Peace by Charles Stanley – 10 Days


  1. Full instructions on how to use Zoom
  2. Zoom does require a free account to use.
  3. Note that Zoom only offers free video conferencing up to 40 minutes for any given meeting.
  4. Zoom also requires you to download and install the Zoom client
  5. See comprehensive Help Articles and Videos


  1. Full detailed instructions
  2. Does not require any download or client.
  3. Works through a web browser.


  1. Full detailed instructions
  2. Requires a Google account.
  3. Will work on a web browser or through Android/iOS clients.






  • 输入性病例不断增加,所以我们必须把当地居民受到二度传播的风险降至最低。
  • 安全的社交距离,连同边境管控和追踪接触,是帮助我们阻止疫情传播的措施。
  • 安全的社交距离措施的目的是为了减缓病例的增加,同时减轻新加坡医疗体系的压力。这将给予医疗体系更多时间与疫情抗战,更好地管控疫情的传播。
  • 作为一个社会,良好的防疫措施能支持新加坡继续正常运行。相反的,如果冒险的话,新加坡将会面临更严重的传播和暂停一切的可能性。

安全的社交距离措施的准则有三个要素 – 密度、强度和期间

  • 密度:人与人之间的距离至少要1米远,透过错开座位的方式
  • 强度:凡是超越普通打招呼的表达方式都应降至最低,例如:牵手或握手
  • 期间:集会的时间将缩短以减少过长时间的交流






教会的主日崇拜将在周末同样时段通过Church Online 的网站播出。中文堂的聚会则会在在星期六的下午4点版在脸书上直播 。



我们准备了一些可以使用的应用程式,大家可以通过视讯一起吃饭,一同祷告。您也能用圣经的手机程式一起进行灵修。现在大多数人也能通过WhatsApp 或简讯的方法继续联系,共同鼓励。线上也能与希望同在!




其中一个关爱他人的方法就是响应政府号召,保持安全的社交距离。这也是我们暂时不实体聚会的原因 -因为这个非常时期,这是爱邻舍的表现之一。




  1. 下载《圣经》应用程式
  2. 点击“计划”,选择想阅读的灵修计划,并选择开始计划。
  3. 您选择“和朋友共读”后,就能与小组或牧者分享链接,邀请他们和您一起做灵修!
  4. 所有参与的朋友都能看到大家的进度,并也能阅读其他灵修的学习和感想。